Trash Participants Large Item Pickup Guidelines

Our first large item pickup day for trash participants will be Tuesday, April 23.  Please review the Guidelines below for the large item pickup:

 One bulky item (No Freon)
 Items must be curbside by 7:00 am
 All items must be able to be lifted by 2 men
 Items over 6ft should be cut in half.
Items that will be collected include:
 Carpet (up to 4’ length, rolled & tied)
 Electronics
 Furniture
 Appliances (All appliance doors MUST be secured shut) - No Freon
 Basketball goal (cut in half-concrete removed)
 BBQ Grill (propane tank removed)
 Push mower (gas/oil removed)
 2 tires (off the rims & will be considered One item for collection)
Unacceptable items include :
 Hazardous Waste material
 Freon items
 Remodeling/Construction debris
 Yard waste
 Additional bags of household trash
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