Our History

Round Hill's recorded history dates back to 1860, when the area was bounty land presented given to Rebecca Dyche for her husband's services in the War of 1812. It was then assigned by patent to Jesse Cox, signed by President James Buchanan. The property originally was a 2-3,000 acre stock farm, which supplied oxen to John Majors as he outfitted the westbound pioneers.  Later the property became a dairy farm.
Ownership changed many times, including the locally renowned Pincomb banking family, until purchased by Belknap Hawkes about 1930. Mr. Hawkes was in the lumber business and built the barn of cypress wood between 1930 and 1933. It is said the barn was used for storage, never for animals. When the hay loft was empty, it held many square dances. It is also said there were many fox in the area and the grounds were the scene of numerous fox hunts.
The last private owners were Karen and George Bunting. The land was purchased by them in 1947 and sold in 1958 to Fisher and Fritchell, St. Louis real estate developers. Mr. Louis Noonan was the Kansas City representative and set up office in a gatekeeper's cottage (there were about five such cottages) near the barn. The development of Round Hill began.
The first homes were constructed on 87th Street, 87th Terrace, and 88th Street, between Outlook and Lamar. To encourage area interest, the firm offered the barn and land for the purpose of organizing a social club and loaned Round Hill owners the funds necessary for building of the pool and two tennis courts. There were 150 charter members, with a very active Women's Club formed in 1968. The pool and tennis courts were built for approximately $60,000 and were opened August 1, 1961. Surrounded by open fields, one could sit by the pool and see for some distances.
Many thanks go to all these people and many more who have given their time and talents to Round Hill for all of us to love and enjoy.