Frequently Asked Questions - Pool

You do not have to rent the patio to have guests, but it's a great idea to give the rental coordinator a heads up.  This helps ensure that the lifeguard staff is aware and has the appropriate staff on hand to accommodate your needs.

When the lot is full please do not create your own space on the ends or by parking along the barn.  Round Hill could get fined in these instances when getting a spot inspection or when needed by fire/ambulance.  Please use one side only of Maple Circle or one side of the street on Maple.  The space is needed to get emergency vehicles in and out of the facility.  Additionally, staff may be needing the space for loading/unloading.

Absolutely!  Grills at Round Hill are all communal in nature so everyone can enjoy.  Please no grills in the grass.  That area often has children playing, etc.  Recently a child was injured running into a grill that was unexpectedly in the lawn area.

See the frequently asked question section dedicated to rentals.

WiFi is available.  The password and access point information is posted in the barn inside the front door.

Unfortunately in recent years the codes inspector has requested no tables in that area.

Each child is different as far as maturity and skill swimming.  Nine would be the minimum age, but parents that have children that need more attention should have them wait until the time is right.  Lifeguards are not on staff to babysit.

Yes.  You must be a full member to buy guest passes.  You may pay $5 for your guest at the door or you may buy a 10 punch pass for $40. 

Typical hours during the summer are 11am - 9pm.  Most of the lifeguards are students so when school is in session the pool will close at 7pm on school nights.  Typical hours when school is in session are Monday through Thursday 4pm - 7pm.  Friday 4pm - 9pm.  Saturday 11am - 9pm.  Sunday 11am - 7pm.