Frequently Asked Questions - Membership

Yes.  Please put your nanny's information in the dependent area of the membership application.

Recent closing of other facilities, as well as other factors, have made Round Hill a popular summer destination.  Round Hill could limit membership at some point in the future, but at present time there is not a limit.

Update:  On 6/9/18, the board voted to cap membership at 400 full members for the 2018 season.

Round Hill offers several options for payment.  Online via PayPal, Mail to our PO Box via check, or check at the front desk of the club during pool season. 

No.  Social Members must become Full Members to purchase guest passes.

No.  Social Members must become Full Members to take advantage of JTL and TenCap.

Social Membership is available for those that still enjoy Round Hill but don't frequently use the facilities.  Social Members enjoy access to all Round Hill social events and 10 punches for entry to the pool/tennis courts.  One punch equals one persons entry.

The Premier Membership is a way to generously give a little more to Round Hill.  Currently, Premier Members receive a reserved table at the 4th of July social event and the Labor Day social event.

Membership covers each member of family (you may include your children/dependents if living at home - 3 generations are not allowed on a membership).  Unlimited pool access during pool hours.  Unlimited tennis court access (provided courts are available and/or not in use for scheduled events).  Option to purchase key to tennis courts for use during off-season.  Option to purchase guest passes (10 visits for $40.00).  Regular membership mailings and invitation to all social events.

All fees are due by March 31st.  If more convenient Round Hill will accept payments in two transactions.  Payment One (half fees) are due March 31st.  Payment Two (half fees) are due on May 15th.  All fees must be paid prior to using the facilities.

Please see our membership page for the current rates.