Frequently Asked Questions - Rentals

Round Hill is registered as a 501(c)(7).  Due to this tax treatment only members and neighborhood associate members are permitted to rent facilities.

Check out our cool online calendar.  This reflects all up-to-date reservations.

There are 75 chairs and 17 tables (11 – six foot tables and 6 – eight foot tables).

Comfortably? Around 150-175.  The city code for occupant load factors varies depending on the type of event.  In general, using tables and chairs for an event in the barn would allow for 180.

WiFi is available.  The password and access point information is posted in the barn inside the front door.

Contact the rental coordinator.  This person will add your event to the calendar and help you with the paperwork/deposit/etc.  The early the better with communication as certain periods get extremely busy.  E.g. Graduations/End of School parties.  The rental coordinator contact information can be found on this page or forms page.

If there is water in the pool our insurance requires lifeguards be present.

See the "Facilities Rental Form" for the most current rates.  A deposit is required with submission of the form to the rental coordinator.  Payment is expected prior to the event.  Post event the deposit check will be destroyed barring any deductions for clean up or damage.

Barn must be cleaned and vacated by 11pm.

Absolutely!  Grills at Round Hill are all communal in nature so everyone can enjoy.

Overland Park Noise Ordinance states that the noise level may not exceed 55 decibels after 10pm.

You may have a band/dj.  Just needs to follow the noise ordinance rules.  The barn has an area in the northwest corner with separate circuits which are often required for equipment.

It does!  However, we do not rent the barn from Thanksgiving until after spring break due to the posibility of extremely cold temperatures.  The barn is winterized during this time as the cost of running the heat far outweighs any income generated.  

Cleanup is expected.  See "Facilities Rental Form"  for a list of items to complete.

There are no discounts to facility rentals.  Currently, the rental is a availabe as a privilege to members and is drastically below market prices for an event space.

You may during the off season for an additional fee.  See "Facilities Rental Form" for pricing.  During pool season the Snack Shack is not available for rent.  Events that take place during pool season should be aware that members will have access to the Snack Shack during the event.

This will be coordinated with the rental coordinator.  Generally, during the pool season there is not a need for facilities keys since lifeguards are on duty.  In the off season, the rental coordinator will get you access.

Half patio is 3 tables and full patio is 6 tables.  The remaining tables are available to Round Hill members and/or tennis as necessary.  If your rental needs a bit more seating or tables ask a lifeguard and tables and chairs can be used from storage.  This allows the tables to be used by other members.

No.  Just line up with the rental coordinator to get your event on the calendar and pay when your event is complete.

Patio rentals are in 3 hour blocks.  Additional hours can be purchased.  See "Facilities Rental Form" for rates.  Regardless of rental start time the rental ends when the pool closes.

You do not have to rent the patio to have guests, but it's a great idea to give the rental coordinator a heads up.  This helps ensure that the lifeguard staff is aware and has the appropriate staff on hand to accommodate your needs.

Certain days that coincide with Round Hill events are not available for rental.  Eg. Fourth of July.

When renting the barn Round Hill’s table and chairs are for your use.  If you are hosting an offsite event and need a limited number of table(s)/chair(s)/cooler(s)/trough(s), then contact the rental coordinator via email for pricing and options.